Sick Crush

Sick Crush A Dark Forbidden Stalker Romance

Alta Hensley2022
If I touch her… my life is ruined. She’s smart, beautiful, and just my type. She’s also barely legal. The very definition of forbidden fruit. And I don’t just want a bite; I want to devour her. Now she is standing before me, her gorgeous eyes filled with tears. She’s in trouble. She has a stalker, a dangerous one, and he’s getting closer. She needs my help. She’s too innocent to know she should be more afraid of me. I can no longer restrain myself. I’m about to shatter my entire life, just because of a sick crush. *This standalone novel is an expanded and re-edited version of the previously published Mr. D Dark romance forbidden romance age gap romantic suspense new adult romance student teacher romance stalker romance
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Photo of Sara Uribe
Sara Uribe@sarareadsromance
4 stars
Aug 28, 2023
Photo of Megan Leonard
Megan Leonard@meganmcxl2
3.5 stars
Nov 5, 2022
Photo of Mallory Mayfield
Mallory Mayfield@malmayfield18
4 stars
Aug 29, 2023