Twisted Trees, Flawed Fruit

Twisted Trees, Flawed Fruit The Tempted Valley Trilogy #1

Ara Zapanta2022
Talia, It’s closing in on me when he finds me. He’s the light at the end— even if the glow comes from horns and not a halo. I’d climb into his rib cage and stay there, stoking the fire he claims doesn’t exist, because I know what it’s like to be trapped in a cottage made of bones. I’m not worried. He wouldn’t do anything to hurt me. He belongs to me just as much. Soren. I pray to nothing and no one. I’ve always been sin incarnate. Wrapped up in thorns, always chasing blood; the only thing that makes me see Heaven. Until she falls back into our world and I’m enraptured—it’s sickening. She’s the only one who soothes the chaos. I need her. And I’ll burn down the whole damn valley for her, in every lifetime. We’re the same. She’ll see.
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