A Wedding at Sandy Cove Part 4: A Perfect Fit

A Wedding at Sandy Cove Part 4: A Perfect Fit A Wedding at Sandy Cove #4

Bella Osborne2022
True love is never one-size-fits-all… Against the odds, Ella got her best friend successfully down the aisle. As she waves Brittany off on her romantic honeymoon with her new husband, the moment feels bittersweet. Her own happy ending feels further away than ever. While the other wedding guests are nursing their sore heads after too much champagne, Ella contemplates the bridal bouquet she caught the night before. Is it a sign? And does she even know what she wants it to be a sign of, anymore? The heat between her and Kit is still undeniable, but there are barriers between them that feel too big to overcome. And now with the unplanned return of her ex into her life, things feel more complicated than ever. As summer draws to a close, Ella plans a birthday party on the beach to celebrate with friends and family. But as she turns another year older, will she be any wiser in life or in love? The final instalment of this totally addictive summer read, full of laugh-out-loud moments, romance and friendship. Fans of Cathy Bramley, Katie Fforde and Milly Johnson will be totally hooked from the very first page.
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