Terraform Watch/Worlds/Burn

An anthology of near future science fiction from VICE’s acclaimed, innovative digital speculative story destination, Terraform—in print for the first time. Assembling a remarkable roster of writers old and new, Terraform’s founding editors Claire L. Evans and Brian Merchant have established their platform by publishing short fiction seemingly ripped from tomorrow’s headlines, speculative fiction about the very near future. Over the last several years, as science fiction itself has achieved a new kind of mainstream credibility and the media landscape has transformed entirely, Terraform has blazed an unexpected path that has seen short stories go viral and lent fiction an unparalleled urgency and relevance. Drawing from established luminaries like Cory Doctorow, rising stars like E. Lily Yu, and surprising newcomers, Terraform stories are marked by their convincing engagement with the world that we just might live in, putting our most existential issues into startling dramatic context. Divided here into three categories—WATCH/WORLDS/BURN—these stories take on surveillance, artificial intelligence, and climate collapse
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