Barbarian Lover
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Barbarian Lover Ice Planet Barbarians #3

Ruby Dixon2022
The third novel in the Ice Planet Barbarians series, an international publishing phenomenon--now in a special print edition with bonus materials and an exclusive epilogue! Kira plans on remaining single on this alien planet--she doesn't want a mate anyway. At least, that's what she tells herself. But when Aehako comes along, everything changes. . . . As one of the humans stranded on the ice planet, I should be happy that I have a new home. Human women are treasured here, and one alien in particular has made it clear that he's interested in me. It's hard to push away the sexy, flirtatious Aehako when I long to grab him by his horns and insist he take me to his furs. But I've got a terrible secret--a few of them, actually. I'm convinced that Aehako can never love me if he knows the full truth. More worryingly, the aliens who abducted me are back, and thanks to the translator in my ear, they can find me. My presence here endangers everyone . . . but can I give up my new life and the man I desire more than anything? And will he even want me if he knows my secrets?
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