Poison Flower

Poison Flower A Dark High School Bully Romance (Stonehurst Prep Elite #2)

Beware the wrath of a broken blind girl. Victor. Torsten. Cassius – the jock, the artist, the stepbrother. They made me theirs – body, heart, and soul. They got inside my head. They broke down my defenses and made me trust them … maybe even love them. They betrayed me. They think they’re untouchable, but they forget that I’m one of them. I’m the poison flower in their garden, beautiful and deadly, hiding in plain sight. I know all their secrets, Their weaknesses, Their darkest desires, And I’m going to make them pay. Poison Kiss is a new adult, dark contemporary romance with three hot, dangerous guys and the blind girl who rules them. It is intended for 18+ readers.
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