Sin Bin

Sin Bin Carolina Comets #4

Teagan Hunter2022
I should stay away. Emilia Anderson is the team’s social media manager, and there are strict rules about not fraternizing with the staff. It doesn’t matter that we already accidentally broke them—we can’t let it happen again. Besides, my time in the NHL is winding down, and this is my last shot at winning the Cup. I need to focus on the game, not some girl I have no business chasing. She’s ten years younger than me. She’s the assistant coach’s niece. And she works for the team. She’s off-limits…and too hard to resist. I know better than to play this game... But it looks like I’m heading to the sin bin.
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Áróra Lind @icelandicbookworm
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Jul 18, 2022
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Aug 12, 2022