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Camila Russo


Camila Russo is a writer and financial journalist with experience across markets and continents. She is the founder of The Defiant, a content platform focusing on decentralized finance. Previously, she was markets reporter at Bloomberg News for eight years, based in Buenos Aires, Madrid and New York. She studied journalism in Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, after which she worked in El Mercurio, the most widely read Chilean newspaper, as a contractor. After a year in the global news section, she started dreaming of working at a big US media company. To do that, she decided to apply to a journalism school in the US, and was accepted at Northwestern's Medill School of Journalism for a Master's degree. During the Master's she was surprised to discover she enjoyed business journalism and successfully applied to an internship at Bloomberg News, in New York. She was hired after the internship, and went on to cover Argentine markets in Bloomberg's Buenos Aires bureau for almost five years, where she covered a debt default, the nationalization of a foreign oil company, currency controls, and (briefly) the rise of bitcoin. European stocks in Madrid for two years was her next stop. She then went back to New York, where she wrote about macro markets for Bloomberg Markets Live blog, a feed of live market analysis. When she got back to NYC, in 2017, a cryptocurrency bubble started blowing up. She had remained interested in the space ever since she first wrote about it in Argentina, in 2013, and started covering this crazy market, until it gradually became her second job, together with blogger for Markets Live. In 2018, she started writing the first book on the history of Ethereum, the second biggest cryptocurrency, with HarperCollins. In 2019 she left Bloomberg News to finish The Infinite Machine and move on to pursue her own endeavors. On June 6th, she filed the first draft of the book. Five days later, she founded The Defiant, a content platform focusing on the open economy.