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We use technology to take our experience, as book lovers, to a new dimension and leave the book industry in better shape while we’re at it.

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We know how to reach the next generation of readers

The power of books can change lives, and we've seen the impact they have on bringing people together. That's why we created a new kind of book club, tailored to work with anything from your three closest friends to 10.000 members of your favourite book-personalities.
We work with authors and influencers to bring scattered communities of book readers from TikTok, Instagram, podcasts etc. onto a platform made specifically for the modern book reader.
The next generation of readers is here, and we're ready to bring them together.


Social: the ultimate discovery engine

Sure, algorithms are fashionable, and often even helpful, but there's nothing like a book recommendation from a friend, from someone you trust.
That's why we've built a platform that allows you to discover books through your friends, your favourite authors and influencers, and connect with like-minded book lovers from around the world.

We are global & cross-format

We bring together ebook readers, audiobook listeners, and physical book lovers in the same place, enabling every type of book lover to share their passion with others.
Our platform is a global place for book lovers, and we're proud of our diversity. Our audience knows no borders, and bring people together from all around the world.


Creating the best platform for everyone involved

Authors & publishers

Get a better understanding of what your readers care about, and tap into real and direct sources of insight.

Book stores

Bring your storefont online. Stay in touch with your customers and share recommendations.


Connect with your followers, create exclusive clubs, host Q&A sessions, and engage with the community.