An archive of our updates and improvements to Literal.

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December 2022

Check out your 2022 Wrap Up

The year is coming to an end and though we’re slowly shutting down the laptops to go pick up champagne and safety goggles, we have one last thing we’d like to share with you all.

Say hi to the very first Literal Wrap Up – see your 2022 in numbers and the people you have inspired.

Happy holidays from the whole team!

June 2022

Chat feature, liking and replying to comments & more

We think that direct messages are a game-changer for directly giving someone a recommendation, as well as both general bookish conversations and book clubs.

May 2022

Progress tracking, personalized recommendations, website widget & better sharing

Reading progress is finally here – track number of pages, percentage or minutes in audiobooks. Find people to follow and get book recommendations on our new explore page.

April 2022

Dark mode, search suggestions & more

If you have dark mode enabled on one of your devices, you might have already seen it. We sneaked in a dark mode and are so happy to have finally implemented it!

March 2022

Reading goals & design details

This news is so fun to share, as it’s without a doubt the most requested feature we’ve received from you: that’s right, Reading Goals are here!

February 2022

Barcode scanner & brand new search

It might not be visible at first sight, but our search got some major improvements! We’re now busy working on our most requested feature, reading goals. We’ve learned how important…

January 2022

Private clubs, better book recommendations & small improvements

Hope your New Year is off to a great start! The Literal reading community has really blossomed since launching five months ago and it’s been a joy to see. We’re just getting started – this year we’ll be launching many new features and of course improving the platform we already have today.

December 2021

Clubs are finally here along with audiobooks, read dates and book giveaways!

December is upon us so let’s get this cornucopia of updates, features and actual real-life gifts going!

November 2021

Big updates to your library, community power-ups and a special thank you

Before we dive into all the new features we’ve been chipping away this past month, I’d like share a short update on the amazing community that we’ve built together.

September 2021

New Android app, massive speed improvements & new features

As you may have already noticed in the last few weeks, we worked hard on improving the overall speed of the app & book search. But not only that, we also introduced a few new features…