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Elena Armas


Elena is a Spanish writer, a self confessed hopeless romantic and a proud book hoarder. And now, she's also the author of the New York Times and USA Today bestseller The Spanish Love Deception. After years of devouring stories and posting––sometimes yelling––about them on her instagram @thebibliotheque, she finally took the leap and started creating stories of her own. While she'd never describe herself as adventurous, having a degree in chemical engineering and being the Monica of her group of friends, this definitely qualifies as the most exciting yet terrifying project she has ever taken on. She's probably biting her nails as you read this. Heck, she's probably full on freaking out. But don't mind her, that's just a little of––hopefully healthy––stage fright.​ Regardless, she cannot wait to finally share her dream with you. To perhaps gush over her stories together, and who knows, maybe fall a little more in love with love. Because isn't that the point on all of this?