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Marshall Karp


MARSHALL KARP co-created and coauthored the NYPD RED series with James Patterson. Featuring Detectives Kylie MacDonald and Zach Jordan, RED is dedicated to solving crimes committed against the city’s rich and famous. After six bestsellers James asked Marshall to take on the series. "Marshall always manages to surprise readers with the twists and turns of his plotlines," Patterson said. “Now when I read the books I'll have no idea how they end." NYPD RED 7: THE MURDER SORORITY will be released 11/22/22. But first, there’s SNOWSTORM IN AUGUST. When Central Park is strafed with 4000 pounds of cocaine, the only NYPD unit trained to go up against this level of terrorism has been disbanded, so the task falls to former NYPD captain Danny Corcoran and a global network of cops who share a common designation: NYPD (RET.) Marshall is also the author of the critically acclaimed Lomax and Biggs Mysteries, and has written numerous TV sitcoms, a play, and a feature film.