Six Suggestions for Finding Reading Motivation

Do you ever struggle with finding motivation for reading? Maybe you’ve hit a slump or are going through a book hangover. Or maybe life just got in the way and you can’t seem to want to pick up a book.

If you’ve ever felt this way, we’re sharing six suggestions for finding reading motivation!

Dispel distractions

I don’t know about you, but I can be incredible prone to distractions when I’m not already absorbed in a particular fictional world. To limit this, I like to put my phone face down, settle in somewhere cozy, and commit to reading two-three chapters before checking any notifications.


Read what you love

I stand by the fact that there is NO reason to spend time reading anything you don’t want to read (unless it’s for academic requirement or career development, of course). There’s too many good books out there in the world for you to waste your time on any that don’t bring you joy. I’ll even admit that it used to bother me to DNF a book, but my stance has totally changed. Your time is valuable and should be treated so. Having that mindset will also keep you from feeling like reading is a chore, and it’ll encourage the enjoyment.


Set personalized mini goals

One example of this could be one that was mentioned above- set a goal of a couple chapters at a time! I think you should start as small as you feel comfortable with, because adding pressure… takes away from it all, right?


Include a community

This is 100% the reason I started a bookstagram/booktok and if you don’t have one, let me use the opportunity to give you a formal invitation to COME JOIN IN OUR FUN. I don’t know many reader friends in real life, but if you do, that’s an awesome route as well! To be connected with others who have an interest in what you do is such a fun feeling.


Get rid of any mental myths

Don’t let any specific ideas about reading prevent you from giving reading a try. There should be NO pressure involved in the process! Speaking from experience, you’ll lose motivation the stricter you are around your hobby. There’s no such thing as a good reader or a bad reader. Again, keep it fun.


Research upcoming adaptations

This one may be a bit silly, but hear me out: there’s something fun about feeling like you’ve joined in on something ahead of the curve. Because let’s face it- the book usually is better than the movies, or shows. And there’s a special sort of feeling from the shared hype in the reading community prior to an adaptation’s release!

If you’re someone who is completely new to the bookworm world, I hope one or more of these ideas inspire you to give reading a try. It truly can be magical, informative, fun, anything you’re looking for out of a new hobby. And if you’re someone who already enjoys reading but is feeling a slump, I hope something here helps rediscover your motivation.