Across a Hundred Mountains

Across a Hundred Mountains A Novel

Reyna Grande2007
Leaving her small Mexico hometown after years of caring for her mother, Juana Garcia embarks on a search for the father who disappeared nineteen years earlier and teams up with Adelina Vasquez, who left her family to pursue forbidden love. Reprint. 30,000 first printing.
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Photo of Lara Engle
Lara Engle@bzzlarabzz
5 stars
Aug 23, 2023
Photo of María Belén
María Belén@mbferreyra
2.5 stars
Dec 18, 2021
Photo of Nicole Mills
Nicole Mills@nicolereads31
4 stars
Feb 24, 2022
Photo of Emir Andrés Ibañez
Emir Andrés Ibañez@erasibanez
3 stars
Dec 14, 2021