Everybody Writes

Everybody Writes Your New and Improved Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content

Ann Handley2022
A hands-on field guide to consistently creating page-turning content that your audience loves. (And that delivers real results.) In the newly revised and updated edition of Everybody Writes, marketer and author Ann Handley improves on her Wall Street Journal bestselling book that’s helped hundreds of thousands become better, more confident writers. In this brand-new edition, she delivers all the practical, how-to advice and insight you need for the process and strategy of content creation, production, and publishing. This new edition also includes: All-new examples, tools, resources Updated step-by-step writing framework Added and expanded chapters that reflect the evolution of content marketing (and evolution of Ann’s thinking about what works today) The same witty and practical how-to approach How to attract and retain customers with stellar online communication How to choose your words well, sparingly, and with honest empathy for your customers Best practices and ideas for crafting credible, trustworthy content “Things Marketers Write”: The fundamentals of 19 specific kinds of content that marketers like you write Inspiration. Confidence. Fun. In this book, you’ll discover: Content marketing has evolved. Yet writing matters more than ever. In this new edition of Everybody Writes, you’ll find the strategies, techniques, tips, and tools you’ll need to refine, upgrade, and (most of all) inspire your own best content marketing.
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