Big Balls

Big Balls Big Easy Billionaires #1

Anna Michael2022
A Single Dad Sports Romance They call me "Big Balls." And they're not wrong when it comes to how I play and the risks I take. I'm all about football, winning, and loyalty. I never compromise when it comes to my daughter. After my wife died, I took the role of single father to the next level. Nobody, and I mean nobody, will ever come between us. Not even the unbelievably sexy nanny I hired. She's off limits, and that's the way it should be. Even though I can't keep my mind or my hands off her. With a reputation like his, I know I should steer clear. Do my job and nothing more. But when the NFL's star player looks at me like he's looking at a Superbowl Ring, my knees go weak, my toes curl, and my lips ache for his kiss. I need to hold my ground and keep him at arm's length, especially since he's making a play to win my heart. I can't afford to play games with him. Especially when I know I'm the one who will lose in the end.
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