What Grows Dies Here

What Grows Dies Here

Anne Malcolm2022
“You will be loved many times by many men. But you will only ever love one man. And that man will be your destruction.” Wren Whitney lives a remarkable life. She is a child of Beverly Hills, growing up in boarding schools, on private jets, a life of extreme wealth and privilege. Wren Whitney lives for adventure. She is afraid of nothing. She says no to nothing. Her existence is a blur of international escapades, outrageous stories and the many men who love her. Wren Whitney has never been in love. She has said the words many times, but she has never meant them. I love you is the only lie she’s ever told. Except when she said the words to her girlfriends, the people she most adores. But to a man? No. She will never mean those three words. Because that would be the end of the life she holds so dear. Wren Whitney knows that the second she meets him, he will destroy her. That she will love him with everything that she is. Until her dying day. She tries to fight it, feebly. Because she is a woman who isn’t afraid of anything. Not even him. “He will be your sun. Your stars. Your moon. Even though this man is darkness itself. Midnight personified.” Wren Whitney does not trouble herself by thinking about the consequences of her actions. Not considering the possibility that the events she’s put in motion have let him into her life. She never could have imagined what would happen to her. To them. How utterly ruined they will both be by their love.
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