The Atelier Assignment

The Atelier Assignment The English Gent Romances #2

Annie Dyer2022
Her assignment is to not fall in love with him… Zeke Brooksbank is in need of a wake-up call. One that shakes him out of the grump he’s permanently in and turns him into a reasonable human being. I’m not staying at his country residence to tame the beast. I’m meant to be cataloguing his art collection, not fangirling over his own paintings, or becoming attached to his little daughter. A three-month assignment and I’ll be back in London. Job done. I can try to tolerate him for that length of time. Should be easy. Shouldn’t it? Only the grumpy, temperamental artist turns out to be the sort of man I thought only existed in my fantasies, and that wake-up call – I could be just the person to give it. The Atelier Assignment is a grumpy billionaire single dad, enemies-to-lovers romance
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