Tangled Up In You

Tangled Up In You

Irresistible and captivating romance awaits in TANGLED UP IN YOU, the next book in the Whisper Lake Series. Detective Adam Cole has been a loner for as long as he can remember. He's very good at protecting people. He's great at being a friend, but relationships that go beyond that—not so much. A darkness in his past prevents him from making himself open and vulnerable. Then Molly Trent comes to town and everything changes… What the readers are saying about Whisper Lake… "ALWAYS WITH ME is a heartwarming second chance romance, with a captivating mystery, that keeps you reading and wondering what happens next." Doni - Goodreads "A beautiful second chance love story with a bit of drama and mystery. I loved it!" Peggy - Goodreads on ALWAYS WITH ME "Tragedy haunts her, regrets shadow him and passion lures them into a mystery as dangerous as their feelings for each other. Freethy captivates with a sensuous game of tainted hearts and tempting romance. My Wildest Dream is a hotbed of intriguing storytelling. Brodie and Chelsea are sure to get under your skin." Isha C – Goodreads "My Wildest Dream has just the right mix of romance and suspense to keep the reader interested from the first chapter to the final page. I loved everything about this book. Visiting Whisper Lake is like coming home and reuniting with old friends. You won’t be disappointed. Norma – Bookbub
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