Raising Lazarus

Raising Lazarus Hope, Justice, and the Future of America's Overdose Crisis

Beth Macy2022
Author of Dopesick, the New York Times bestselling book that inspired the Hulu limited series New York Times Bestselling author of Dopesick and Factory Man In her characteristic narrative style, Beth Macy pulls the massive national health crisis that is opioid addiction down to its compelling, character-driven, emotional core to illustrate the personal cost American families have been forced to shoulder. This is the necessary follow up to DOPESICK, deeply reported and full of breaking news, that makes clear that entire swathes of America--especially rural America--have been left to fend for themselves. Nearly a decade into the second wave of America's opioid epidemic, pharmaceutical companies are finally being forced to answer for the crisis they created. As bestsellers such as EMPIRE OF PAIN have brought to life, the pending multi-district litigation against opioid makers, distributors, and retailers could result in tens of millions of dollars to help treat the disease of addiction and provide communities across America with resources to help those struggling with addiction. And yet there is no consensus on the best treatment available to help addicted people, nor an understanding of how to scale the programs that have proven successful. Macy examines--as she did with FACTORY MAN--what happens when political forces beyond the control of individuals come to define generations of Americans. This complex story of public health, big pharma, dark money, politics, race, and class will take the story of DOPESICK into the present day, showing that the increase in the number of overdose deaths during the COVID pandemic illustrates the tremendous need across America to change the conditions that make addiction so prevalent and which prevent those seeking treatment to begin new lives.
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Trace Larabee@tracelarabee
5 stars
Dec 30, 2022