Messing With The Ballplayer

Messing With The Ballplayer Maid in Miami #5

When five best friends graduate from business school, it’s time for these girls to take on the world. As dazzling, eccentric, and spirited as the city where they all grew up, these dynamos head home to Miami with big plans to launch a high-end housekeeping company. Offering a mix of beauty, brains, and business savvy, it doesn’t take long for Maid in Miami to attract the most elite clients in the glamorous city. That means they are now the maids for billionaires, rock stars, athletes, and South Florida’s most charming bachelors. It turns out, a girl can clean, tidy, and make a place sparkle…until a heartthrob sweeps her off her feet. Then, things can get really messy. Don’t miss Maid In Miami…unforgettable romantic comedies that will have you laughing, swooning, cheering, and mopping up some happy tears.
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