The Everlasting Gospel of Christ

The Everlasting Gospel of Christ Identity From An Eternal Perspective

The Everlasting Gospel of Christ is the summing up of Brian's journey and legacy. A love story from God's perspective, outside of time and space. Our earthly view of life will produce the illusion of lack, loss, and separation. Knowing our origin as spirit will enable our humanity to embrace every contradiction in life as affirmation. Everything you will read in this book has been tested through trial and error, loss and gain. This is a testimony of grace that has become an inheritance to many. Read it to encounter it. Look for yourself hidden in this book and you will experience grace and power to overcome many obstacles you are presently facing. It is a book for the mystic, the intellectual, the scientist and the philosopher. The Everlasting Gospel of Christ is about the journey of all humanity before time began. What motivated us to come to planet Earth, the reason we chose spiritual amnesia, and the unconditional love demonstrated through our weaknesses and failures.
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