Your Two Lips

Your Two Lips A Steamy Small-Town Contemporary Romance (Perry Harbor #1)

If you can’t have true love, have great sex. Finn Bakker has had enough one-night stands with wealthy tourists on this picturesque PNW island and is ready to find real love, settle down on the family tulip farm, and add his own dream, a mountain biking resort. Emily Rutherford has money and a new start, but she can’t have the love and family she craves. She’ll make the most of it, exchanging love for all the passion she can get. When the strong beauty teams up with the rugged farmer in a benefit mountain bike race, they come face to face with their own weaknesses on and off the bike. Friendship with passion just for now. But life and family have a way of crashing into the best-laid plans. She won’t take away his chance for the future he imagined. He can’t imagine a future without her. Can they find a way to heal the scars of the past, or will she kiss his two lips and walk away?
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