Along Came Holly

Along Came Holly

Codi Hall2022
How can Holly Winters, the Queen of Christmas Cheer, stand to be neighbors with her town’s resident Scrooge? Holly owns the merriest holiday shop on Main Street. But right next door is the hardware store run by Declan Gallagher, the grinchiest man in all of Mistletoe, Idaho. With Christmas fast approaching, the small-town rivals engage in an all-out prank war, sending each other not-so-friendly season’s greetings. But when Holly’s ambitious plan to win the town’s Festival of Lights falls apart, she has no one else to call but her handy sworn-nemesis. They say Christmas is a time for miracles, after all. As Holly and Declan work together, they slowly warm up to each other. They might just end up spending Christmas Eve cuddling by the fire. Along Came Holly is the perfect enemies-to-lovers rom-com sure to warm hearts this holiday season. Curl up with a beau and a cup of hot cocoa and listen to the latest in A Mistletoe Romance series by author Codi Hall.
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Photo of Shannon Lamoree
Shannon Lamoree@sllam
4 stars
Dec 22, 2022
Photo of Jennifer Forrester
Jennifer Forrester@jen_f88
3.5 stars
Dec 7, 2022