Phase of Fate

Phase of Fate Phase Mountain Pack #1

CoraLee June2022
I was the average daughter. The troublemaker. The side character in my sister's story. My sister was a Prodigy, endowed with exceptional skills and bonded with a guardian. In a world where all leaders, scientists, and artists are selected and pledged to shifters, she was born for greatness. I was born to live in her shadow. In a moment of rebellion, I trespassed on pack lands and an alpha guardian shifter, Theo, bonded to me. Tragedy makes me reject the pairing. They say I am a Prodigy now—someone special. I think they’re wrong. Theo is protective, overbearing, and gets under my skin. He knows me better than anyone else. It takes everything I have to keep the wall around my heart built up. I refuse to ever trust a shifter. I refuse to fall in love with my rival. But fate comes in phases. Once a nobody, now a hero. Once an enemy, now my forever.
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