The Dog Army Illustrated

The Dog Army Illustrated The Adventures Of Llewelyn and Gelert Illustrated Book Three

David Bell2019
The invasion has been cancelled, but now the Emperor's vast army lies asleep, gassed into a collective coma. When Llewelyn wakes, he finds, yet again, that Gelert has been kidnapped, which can mean only one thing; the rulers of Jiang have reactivated their plans to use the old wolfhound to create their army of monstrous dogs.Will Llewelyn and Feiyan's desperate dash to rescue Gelert be in time to prevent the Emperor's wrathful punishment of the secretive kingdom? Or will the two friends' hellish journey into the heart of Jiang merely precipitate the conniving Queen and Friar William's unleashing of their horde of revolting hyenas?Lost in Jiang's time-twisting labyrinth of tunnels, Llewelyn faces unspeakable evils and inexplicable forces that will test his sanity and change him forever. And on his return to the surface, he and Gelert have to confront a sordid cesspit of shifting loyalties, the loss of love, and the death of friendships.Welcome to the apocalyptic conclusion of the first trilogy of the epic, fart fuelled, gore-splattered adventures of Llewelyn, lost Prince of Wales and Gelert, the legendary wolfhound.
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