The Boardwalk House

The Boardwalk House An Heirloom Island Novel

A summer of surprises, sisterhood, and secrets... visit Heirloom Island and fall in love with the Sageberry sisters. Darla Sageberry knew she was going to turn thirty-five. She did not know that she'd be calling off her own wedding. Now she's faced with a mid-life crisis, two decades too early. On a whim, Darla takes to her bucket list. At the top of it? Living on an island. The problem is, Darla can't afford to uproot her life and take off to the Carribean. So, she considers settling for something a little smaller. A little sweeter. And a little closer to home. Even if the only place to stay is with her estranged sister in a curious house at the end of the Heirloom Island Boardwalk. Head to Heirloom Island in this heartwarming series about three sisters and the charming small town they come to call home. With a dash of romance and a touch of mystery, The Boardwalk House is a sweet beach read by the author of the Birch Harbor series.
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