The Happy Homebody

The Happy Homebody A Field Guide to the Great Indoors

If you chill harder than most people party, then this is the book for you. What does the ideal day look like to you? If you're the quiet, introverted type, it's probably a lazy afternoon spent indoors with a warm, fuzzy blanket, a good, juicy novel, a yummy-scented candle, and a hot cup of tea in your favorite mug (and maybe some chocolate, too). The Happy Homebody is a celebration of all the simple pleasures of hanging out at home. Written and illustrated by fellow introvert Elizabeth Gray (@thegraytergood), this book is filled with musings about the quiet, cozy, creative adventures to be had in the great indoors. The book also features unique bonus items to enhance your indoor fun, including a window suncatcher cling, drink coasters, a bookmark, and nail art stickers all designed by the author.
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