Animal Allies

Animal Allies 15 Amazing Women in Wildlife Research

These 15 women work with animals on land, air, and sea. Corina Newsome is saving seaside sparrows while Michelle LaRue uses satellites to study Antarctic birds. Lizzy Lowe takes on what many fear in researching spiders, and Erin Ashe lives out the dream of many studying dolphins and whales. Kristen Hecht chases the elusive hellbender amphibian while EnikÖ Kubinyi uses robots to get information on wolf pups. These women are working on issues that intersect with biodiversity, species conservation, biology, and more. They stand out for their work in their fields and are also dedicated to science communication to share their knowledge with others. They challenge the assumptions of who a scientist is and what a scientist looks like. These diverse, modern women are pushing the boundaries of their scientific fields while empowering others to pursue their dreams.
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