Want A Forbidden Age-Gap MM Romance Standalone

Ellis James2022
Every desire has a price. I’m willing to pay with everything I have. But even then, it might not be enough. Our story starts the way all good ones do—with a fight. My right hook and his split eyebrow. My bruised knuckles and his growled curses. The setting: my private box at the New York City Ballet. Opening night. He’s May, I’m December. And we were impossible from the moment we met. He’s just beginning his life—the new prince of ballet, an orphan turned star—while I’m in the prime of mine. I’m a United States Senator, the heir to Ashford Holdings. But I’m no one, not really. Not until him. From the outside, I have the perfect life, but inside it’s hell. Kolya is a bad decision. Young, beautiful, and a man. But he’d never slow danced at a jazz club or ridden a roller coaster or driven a car till he met me. He’d never slept on soft sheets or been held all night. Never been known, never been wanted. Not the way I want him. There are some things you want, but you can’t have. I need to forget about him, return to real life and leave him in fantasy. But that’s impossible now that I’ve had a taste. I'm willing to tear my life apart for the one person that makes it seem worth living. -- Want is an emotional, forbidden age-gap MM romance from USA Today Bestselling author Ella James, writing as Ellis James.
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