Firewalkers Signed limited edition hardcover from Arthur C. Clarke award-winning author Adrian Tchaikovsky

A thrilling new limited-edition hardcover concerning class and climate change from Arthur C. Clarke award-winning author Adrian Tchaikovsky. Firewalkers are brave. Firewalkers are resourceful. Firewalkers are expendable. The Earth is burning. Nothing can survive at the Anchor; not without water and power. But the ultra-rich, waiting for their ride off the dying Earth? They can buy water. And as for power? Well, someone has to repair the solar panels, down in the deserts below. Kids like Mao, and Lupé, and Hotep; kids with brains and guts but no hope. The Firewalkers. "Tchaikovsky sharply addresses the connection between class and climate, weaving pressing ethical questions into a thrilling adventure." - Publishers Weekly, starred review '... a joy from start to finish. Entertaining, smart, surprising and unexpectedly human.' – Patrick Ness “The world building is stellar. The writing is exciting, and the slightly-horrific atmosphere is on point.” – The Fantasy Inn
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