Destined London Love Affairs #2

Gloria Davevn2022
Two strangers, two cities, and an ocean between them. At age thirty-two, Ryan’s pretty sure he’s made it. Together with his brother, he’s the heir of Hall Inc., a family luxury cruise line. He never thought that a tourist, of all people, would turn his head. As a top consultant in one of the big four companies in London, Alice Campbell has been too focused on her career, so love has fallen by the wayside. Deciding she needs to focus more on herself, Alice jets off to Los Angeles for a much-needed vacation. While there, she meets the enigmatic Ryan Hall. Smitten with him from the start, she wants to get to know him better, without the pressure of her family’s name and wealth. Unbeknownst to her, Ryan has a similar dilemma. And when Ryan and Alice finally come clean with each other about their families, they have a much bigger problem—an ocean between them. How far will they go to overcome the distance and keep their beach romance alive? All books of London Love Affairs are standalone novels with recurring characters from the Campbell family of Campbell Investments. Each one contains drama and steamy happily ever afters.
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