How to Get Paid for What You Know

How to Get Paid for What You Know Turning Your Knowledge, Passion, and Experience into an Online Income Stream in Your Spare Time

You may not know it, but you are sitting on a goldmine. Your knowledge, passions, and skills can be transformed into a lucrative income stream that requires no college degree, zero employees, and less than $50 to get started. Whether it takes shape as a full-fledged business, a side hustle, or automated earnings is up to you! Before you can monetize what you know, you’ll need to learn the dynamics of the knowledge economy. There’s no one better to teach you than Graham Cochrane—business coach, YouTuber, and founder of The Recording Revolution, a once no-name blog about music turned 7-figure business that requires fewer than 5 hours per week of work. With How to Get Paid for What You Know, he provides a proven 6-step system for turning your ideas, skills, and passions into an income stream that puts money in your bank account day and night, whether you’re working or not. In this book, you’ll learn how to: • Discover your idea and ensure it will be profitable, • Build an audience, • Package your knowledge into a highly desirable digital product, • Sell online in an authentic and ethical way, • Leverage simple online tools to market your product, and • Automate the entire process so that income flows to you even when you’re not working. Follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to creating better stability in your income and finding more fulfillment in your work and, ultimately, your life. How to Get Paid for What You Know is your essential guide to a new and better way to make a living.
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