Love All Year

Love All Year A Holidays Anthology

Because holiday romance happens all year long . . .Three Stars in the Sky by Stacey Agdern: Singer Zack Weisler needs a song. Songwriter Lisa Kaminsky wants a chance. They have three days in upstate New York to make Sukkot magic. . . and maybe memories that will override the past.It Happened One Yule by Celestine Martin: Reluctant to face yet another Yule party alone, a bubbly witch Matilda casts an attraction spell to catch herself a temporary date but instead catches her best friend grumpy, smoldering Duncan. High spirits and hijinks take place over the longest night of the year as two long time friends fall for each other.Queen Esther, Unmasked by Hallie Alexander: In all her life, Freida Soronsohn had only made one grand mistake--she jilted her ex before the Purim spiel, leaving her vulnerable to the acid-tongued yentas and their unsolicited opinions. Felix 'Six Points' Ginzburg hasn't stopped making mistakes since his come up on the rough streets of Manhattan, and the celebrated prizefighter is ready for change. But when these two strangers meet on the stage, neither is prepared for the no holds barred attraction that instantly hooks them.Legacy of Love by Savannah J. Frierson: Gabriel must convince his best friend Gloria she's essential to his family's legacy, and not just because she's organized his grandmother's Juneteenth celebration and carries his child.Making up with Eid Bae by Farah Heron: Nafissa is in town to drum up business for her new indie makeup line, not go to an Eid fair that would remind her of the one ten years ago with the sweet boy who broke her teenage heart. Nope. But she can't give up the networking opportunity--there's little she wouldn't sacrifice for her dream. Seeing him again brings it all back--no one has made her feel like Khizar does. Can she risk her heart now when her business needs to be her focus? Or could it be that making up with Khizar isn't sacrificing anything at all?A Bridge of Magpies by Ekaterine Xia: Verity usually enjoys what ifs... from the safety of structure and routine, her relationship with Yùlán both safe harbor and base camp for adventure. But what if Yùlán isn't content with their story as-is? What if their happiness together was a little more like their reimaginings of old stories than anticipated?The Sweet Spot by Felicia Grossman: Rabbi Alana Berg is not excited for the High Holidays. Her contract is up for renewal, and the board is clear: impress the congregation with her Rosh Hashanah sermon or she'll be replaced. Worse, golden-boy Cantor Jeremy Hirsch already has his contract signed and sealed. When an after-hours run-in leads to a kiss, the two decide that some sweet exploration of their mutual attraction is in order. As the New Year draws near, the two must decide if there is a personal and professional future for them both.
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