The Whispers

The Whispers The new impossible-to-put-down thriller from the bestselling author

Heidi Perks2021
***THE GRIPPING NEW THRILLER FROM THE BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF NOW YOU SEE HER*** 'Razor-sharp and impossible to put down' DAILY MAIL _________________________ A MISSING WIFE. FOUR FRIENDS. WHO IS TELLING THE TRUTH? Anna Robinson hasn't been seen since she went on a night out with her four closest friends. She has a loving husband and a son she adores. Surely she wouldn't abandon them and her perfect life. . . But what has happened to her? At the school gates, it's not long before the rumours start. Anna's oldest friend Grace is beside herself with worry - desperately searching for answers, and certain that someone is hiding the truth. With each day that passes, Anna's life is under increasing threat. And a the pressure mounts, it won't be long before something cracks. . . 'The Whispers is a twisty, gripping page-turner, which explores the toxic underside of female friendships. It is a heart-thumping thriller that kept me up late into the night' LUCY CLARKE _________________________ PRAISE FOR HEIDI PERKS AND THE WHISPERS: 'Slick, gripping and compelling. I couldn't put it down.' LISA JEWELL 'A highly addictive and thrilling read' HEAT 'Simmering tensions and double crossings will have you racing to the dramatic finale' SUNDAY MIRROR 'A gripping thriller' GOOD HOUSEKEEPING 'Terrifically suspenseful and intriguing' LIZ NUGENT Readers love Heidi's thrillers: 'This is a read not to be missed!!!' 'Family secrets, mystery and intrigue. This is the perfect book that won't disappoint' 'This is one of those books that you start to read and right from the outset it becomes completely addictive.' 'You find yourself unable to trust anyone!' 'A surprising plot and lots of twists with interesting characters. I loved the writing style and the setting of the story' 'Easily the best thriller I've read in a long time' 'Lots of twists and turns, guaranteed page-turner that keeps you guessing until the end' 'The ending took me by surprise' 'Couldn't put this one down - just one more chapter became something of a mantra!' 'I loved the book and the fact it kept me guessing till the end'
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