Instagram for Fiction Authors

Instagram for Fiction Authors How to Find Readers, Build Community, and Sell More Books

Is Instagram sucking up your precious writing time and giving nothing in return? Or are you sitting on the sidelines wanting to use Instagram, but you don't know where to start? In this book you'll learn: ✓ what the heck "bookstagram" is and why joining it will bring in fans ✓ how to gain more followers who will buy your books ✓ the importance of building relationships and how to do it well enough that people will remember you ✓ how to take gorgeous photos that make you look like a pro ✓ ways to get more likes and comments on your posts to make sure your followers see your posts ✓ how to contact influencers and set up book tours for a profitable launch ✓ strategies for attracting your ideal readers ✓ how to find the data to track your growth and see what's working ✓ ways to connect with the Instagram author community and build friendships ✓ how to use features like Stories, Live, and Reels to connect with your audience ✓ and much, much more! Hanna Sandvig successfully launched her debut novel using the strategies and tricks laid out in this book. After spending three years studying the most effective ways to use Instagram as an author, she's now here to take you down the fast track so you can become an insta-expert in a weekend. In addition to her personal knowledge, Hanna has included interviews with 30 authors and influencers who are killing it on Instagram. Learn their approaches and come up with a plan that suits your genre and personality. Buy your copy of Instagram for Fiction Authors today and start gaining followers and selling books.
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