Sherlock Holmes and The Three Winter Terrors

Sherlock Holmes and The Three Winter Terrors

From the author of Sherlock Holmes & The Christmas Demon another beautifully presented seasonal mystery. 1889. The First Terror. At a boys’ prep school in the Kent marshes, a pupil is found drowned in a pond. Could this be the fulfilment of a witch’s curse from four hundred years earlier? 1890. The Second Terror. A wealthy man dies of a heart attack at his London townhouse. Was he really frightened to death by ghosts? 1894. The Third Terror. A body is discovered in the dark woods near a Surrey country manor, hideously ravaged. Is the culprit a cannibal, as the evidence suggests? These three chilling and strangely linked crimes test Sherlock Holmes’s deductive powers, and his scepticism about the supernatural, to the limit.
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Lesley McNeil@lesleymcneil
4 stars
Jul 24, 2022


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