Beauty's Daddy

Beauty's Daddy A Beauty and the Beast Adult Fairy Tale

Jane Henry2017
Once upon a time....Sawyer:They call me "The Beast" for a reason. Locked away in my cold, dark mansion overlooking the treacherous cliffs that haunt me, I want for nothing...except her. The moment she set foot in my lair, her fate was sealed. I will claim her, make her mine... I'll be her daddy.Annabelle:He can buy anything he wants. He wants me. He's a wealthy, domineering recluse; I'm dirt poor. He's accomplished and sophisticated; I'm a twenty-year-old virgin. But I can't say no.To get closer to him, I will sacrifice everything -- my freedom, my innocence. The attraction between us leaves me begging, and when he's done with me...I'll be daddy's good little girl.
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