Humanity Is Trying

Humanity Is Trying Or, Living with Dreams in the World As It Is

Jason Gots2022
My sister and I are driving south toward Graceland in her beat-up red Saturn, both in need of refuge, both running from different things. Her bumper sticker reads "Humanity Is Trying." It's a triple entendre, she explains: Humanity is exhausting. Humanity is struggle. Humanity is doing the best it knows how. Humanity Is Trying is several books in one. It's a memoir about the love and the loss of a sister and a best friend. It's the story of a series of escape attempts--cowardly, courageous, harmful and hopeful--that are experiments in freedom from the stories that limit us. And it's a record of spiritual, intellectual and emotional growth with the help of friends, psychedelics, art and spiritual practice. From Jason Gots, creator of the podcasts Think Again and Clever Creature, comes a philosophical love letter to the slow, difficult work of building a life and living with your dreams in the face of reality.
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