Unleash Your Complexity Genius

Unleash Your Complexity Genius Growing Your Inner Capacity to Lead

We humans have a natural inclination towards connection, engagement and creativity - all necessary skills to thrive in complexity. At the same time, the stress caused by uncertainty and ambiguity can make it hard to tap into this inclination. This book offers a set of practices that help you not only understand complexity but actually hack into your nervous system to bring your natural capacities back online. We do this by helping your body's natural complexity management gifts take charge: by learning to notice and shift our nervous systems through rest, movement, and experimentation; by developing a new relationship to our emotions; and by leaning into connections and love. Following the narrative of Unlocking Leadership Mindtraps, this book illustrates how paying close attention to our body, redefining our emotional experiences, and shifting our engagement to our surrounding environment can transform the anxiety, exhaustion, and overwhelm that complexity creates. Instead, we can cultivate better connection, engagement, and creativity--thereby creating the conditions for us and those around us to thrive in a complex world by making best use of the internal natural resources we already have.
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