Lost and Found Family

Lost and Found Family A Novel

Jennifer Ryan2021
If you love Jill Shalvis, Lori Wilde, and Susan Mallery, then you won't want to miss New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Ryan's riveting new novel about family, secrets, and a woman ready to embrace who she really is by facing down her past. She would do anything to protect her children, including keeping her secrets buried with her late husband... All families have secrets, and no one knows it better than Sarah Anderson. Hiding the truth about her late husband from their children is only half of it. She's let her mother-in-law, Margaret, hate her for years, just to keep the illusion that her son was perfect intact. But when the older woman threatens to remove the boys from her home, Sarah strikes a bargain: she'll bring them for a six week visit, even though it goes against her every instinct. Complicating matters is attorney Luke Thompson. An old friend of the family, he's agreed to investigate Sarah's past, although he doesn't feel comfortable poking around in her private life. What he finds is a truth very different from the one he's been led to believe. All Sarah ever wanted was a family, and all Luke wants now is her love. The time has come to reveal the terrible secrets that have been kept for so long. In losing the past, a new love--and family--can be found. [Ma1]Does it make more sense to say "her" secrets rather than "the" secrets
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