The Hobby Shop on Barnaby Street (Homefront Hearts)

The Hobby Shop on Barnaby Street (Homefront Hearts) A Heartwarming WW2 Historical Romance

A forbidden wartime romance begins just as German planes fill the skies over London in 1940. A playful and heartfelt read perfect for fans of Dear. Mrs. Bird, The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir, and The Last Bookshop in London. When Maisie Beckett arrives to work at her brother’s hobby shop while he’s serving in the war, she soon discovers it’s in financial ruin. She also finds London preparing for an impending Nazi invasion. Determined to keep the shop open and prove herself to her parents, Maisie moonlights as a pinup photographer to pad the shop’s till while the shop’s co-owner, Cal Woodbury, isn’t looking. Despite his secrecy about why he didn’t enlist, Maisie is drawn to Cal and enticed by his wit and shy smile. Cal promised his best friend and business partner, Roy, he wouldn’t become romantically involved with Maisie, Roy’s sweet and beautiful sister. As German bombs fall on London every night and Cal’s bond with Maisie grows deeper, he learns some promises are impossible to keep. However, when Roy deserts the Navy and appears at Cal’s door, Cal is caught between his best friend and the woman he is falling for. While London goes to war around them, Maisie and Cal face their own fight—finding their courage and recognizing their worth.
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