Lessons in Love

Lessons in Love Isn't It Sweet #2

Jody Holford2022
Science teacher and single mom, Hazel Bloom, isn’t the kiss a stranger on the bar dance floor kind of woman but at her goodbye party, she momentarily forgets this. Tension between Hazel and her almost-teen daughter, Zoe, is already riding high when they show up to Sweets Middle School. Zoe isn’t thrilled about the move or attending seventh grade where her mom works. When they’re greeted by the gorgeous stranger from the bar, Hazel’s daughter wonders what has turned her mom’s cheeks cherry tomato red. Carter Shaw finally got a Vice-Principal job after years of teaching and working toward this goal. He isn’t often at a loss for words but when the woman he shared one intoxicating kiss with shows up at his work, he’s speechless. More so when he realizes she’s not only a parent of one of his students but the newest teacher hire. He’s her boss.
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