Scions A Starcrossed Novel

A prequel to the bestselling Starcrossed series. New York City, 1993. It wasn’t Daphne’s choice to move into the heart of a struggle that has been secretly waging for thirty-three hundred years, but not much in her life has been up to her. Fate has brought Daphne, daughter of Zeus, and Heir to the House of Atreus to where the descendants of the Greek gods can shed blood over her once again. Men are fated to kill for her. But New York holds a surprise for Daphne and her cursed face—the same one that once launched a thousand ships. A series of murals painted all over town mysteriously pull at her in ways she can't understand. That’s because the artist is Ajax Delos, Son of Apollo, Scion of the House of Thebes, and Daphne’s mortal enemy. She found the one worth dying for. With the Fates manipulating them both like pieces on a chessboard, Daphne and Ajax must find a way to break the cycle of destruction set in motion by their ancestors before the walls of Troy, or risk becoming yet another pair of star-crossed lovers doomed to repeat the same fatal mistakes.
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Photo of Lisa Ahlswede
Lisa Ahlswede@legendarydestinydeer
5 stars
Feb 16, 2023
Photo of Patricia Santos
Patricia Santos@patriciasjs
2 stars
Oct 18, 2022