Last Resort

Last Resort S.I.N. #1

K. Bromberg2022
I was never supposed to see him again. Him being the man wearing the perfectly tailored suit who oozed an intoxicating mixture of wealth, rebellion, and sex appeal. One night. No strings. No names. Great sex. Still riding the high from last night, I walk in to meet my new client, and he’s wearing that same dangerous smirk that reeled me in hours ago. Yes, I’m consulting for Callahan Sharpe. And yes, he’s that Callahan Sharpe. Billionaire heir apparent who abides by no rules, bucks convention, and is determined to complete one final project to honor his late father’s legacy before walking away from the family business for good. Luckily and unluckily for me, I’ve been tasked to go to the Virgin Islands to help accomplish his goal. Callahan has no problem breaking his company’s no fraternization rule, but not me. There’s too much at stake. What could possibly go wrong when you’re forced to work—and live—side by side with a man you can’t resist? Are you ready to fall for the Sharpe brothers in K. Bromberg's sexy, contemporary, billionaire romance series? These books can all be read as standalones, but can be enjoyed as a series as well . . .
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Photo of J Ashlie
J Ashlie@beautyandthebooksss
5 stars
Apr 14, 2022
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Emily Cutler@bookedbyemily
4 stars
Mar 29, 2022
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4 stars
Jan 27, 2023