Out There
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Kate Folk2022
A thrilling new voice in fiction injects the absurd into the everyday to present a startling vision of modern life. “Wondrously perverse, often creepy and hilarious, and always sneakily heartbreaking.”—Chang-Rae Lee With a focus on the weird and eerie forces that lurk beneath the surface of ordinary experience, Kate Folk’s debut collection is perfectly pitched to the madness of our current moment. A medical ward for a mysterious bone-melting disorder is the setting of a perilous love triangle. A curtain of void obliterates the globe at a steady pace, forcing Earth’s remaining inhabitants to decide with whom they want to spend eternity. A man fleeing personal scandal enters a codependent relationship with a house that requires a particularly demanding level of care. And in the title story, originally published in The New Yorker, a woman in San Francisco uses dating apps to find a partner despite the threat posed by “blots,” preternaturally handsome artificial men dispatched by Russian hackers to steal data. Meanwhile, in a poignant companion piece, a woman and a blot forge a genuine, albeit doomed, connection. Prescient and wildly imaginative, Out There depicts an uncanny landscape that holds a mirror to our subconscious fears and desires. Each story beats with its own fierce heart, and together they herald an exciting new arrival in the tradition of speculative literary fiction.
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2.5 stars
Jan 22, 2024
Thought provoking
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4 stars
Aug 28, 2023
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3 stars
Jan 2, 2023
This review contains a spoiler
Easy read
Fast paced
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4 stars
Jan 1, 2024
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4 stars
Oct 2, 2023
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4 stars
Jun 2, 2023
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5 stars
Dec 26, 2022
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2 stars
Aug 26, 2022


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