One Night Together

One Night Together Hidden Hearts #3

Kate McBrien2022
One night was all she wanted. One night was all he could give. Until they found forever... Dr. Cassandra Papdakis is serious and reserved, the kind of woman more suited to the academic world than the romantic social scene on Santorini where she’s come to reset her life. Leo Sutton is a playboy, the kind of man rumored to work his way through women, one at a time, before throwing them away and moving on. When they meet by chance, they agree to one unforgettable night together. No names, no strings attached. But one night isn’t enough and revealing their true identities creates a set of problems neither could have imagined. They both come from families wrapped up in the high-stakes world of international construction. Families that share one thing – a fierce rivalry. And neither would be pleased to know that Cassie and Leo have found a connection more fundamental than anything or anyone that might come between them. But when Cassie learns Leo might be interested in a property she owns, one that could also save her father’s company, she begins to wonder if everything between them is built on lies. Can Cassie overcome her past and see Leo clearly, or will his reputation and the hostility between their families destroy any chance of happiness they might find? Can one night become forever? Note: One Night Together is a standalone contemporary romance based on secondary characters from the Indigo Series. It is not necessary to read the Indigo Series first.
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