Meet the Benedettos

Meet the Benedettos A Novel

Katie Cotugno2023
"Every family is complicated, and the Benedettos are no exception. A few years after a reality show skyrocketed them to pop culture notoriety, the five twenty-something sisters are living in their parent's crumbling McMansion, semi-famous and almost broke. The family's teetering towards rock bottom when Charlie Bingley, star of Captain Fantastic, moves into the neighborhood with his insufferable friend Will Darcy in tow. Charlie immediately falls for warm and lovely June, the oldest Benedetto sister. Though Cinta Benedetto, clueless matriarch, loves this potential match, there are plenty of people in Charlie's life who want him to steer clear of reality show has-beens. Lilly Benedetto, the second oldest sister, knows that her family is viewed as a spectacle, but she doesn't care, usually, because she has deeper sorrows to face. Will Darcy, Charlie's best friend from Julliard, left New York in a hurry, running from his own demons. Lilly finds Will to be stuck-up, arrogant, and judgmental. Will thinks Lilly is loud, brash, and defensive. And yet, they can't seem to stay away from each other... This is a story about a family that's "famous for being famous," the ways that preconceived notions can make fools of us all, and unexpected romances that bloom despite the odds. Katie Cotugno has brought a big, boisterous cast of characters to life in this deliciously sprawling Los Angeles story that is The Kardashians meets Pride and Prejudice"--
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3.5 stars
Mar 6, 2024