Keepsake True North #3

Sarina Bowen2016
Another standalone romance in Sarina Bowen's USA Today bestselling series! Lark Wainright used to be fearless. She led her life as a series of adventures, each one more exhilarating than the last. But her last overseas adventure was one too many. She’s safe now, but her family is still consumed with worry and her nights are filled with terror. When her best friend offers her a stay at the orchard in exchange for help at the farmers’ markets, Lark jumps into her little car and heads to Vermont. But her night terrors don’t stop. Desperate to keep her fragile state a secret, she relies on the most soft-spoken resident of the Shipley Farm to soothe her when her dreams prove too much. Zachariah is a survivor, too. It’s been four years since he was tossed aside by the polygamist cult where he grew up. He’s found a peaceful existence on the Shipley’s farm. He’s good with animals, and he’s good with his hands. But getting thrown away by your own people at nineteen leaves a mark on a guy. He doesn’t always know what to make of a world where movie quotes are the primary means of communication. Before hitchhiking to Vermont, he’d never watched TV or spoken on the phone. Actually, there are a lot of things he’s never done. Zach and Lark slowly grow to trust one another. One night they become even closer than they’d planned. But Lark may still be too broken to trust anyone. When she pushes Zach away, he will have to prove to himself that he's good for more than farm labor. Praise for the True North series: “Utterly fantastic. Well-written romance that runs the full gamut of emotions. Oh, and did I mention steamy? This series has it all. ” — Red Hot & Blue Reads “I’m crazy about this series. In love with Jude and Sophie, the Shipley’s, just the whole family dynamic. EVERYTHING IS WOW.” — Angie's Dreamy Reads “A world that pulled me in and had me wishing I could read all day!” — Shh Mom’s Reading “5-stars, Top Pick! This story will break your heart and stitch it back together again.” — Harlequin Junkie “Another fantastic book by Sarina Bowen! I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough.” — The Book Hookup "Smart, funny and super sexy, Bittersweet is full of the kind of writing that makes Sarina Bowen one of my favorite author crushes." —Author Sarah Mayberry For fans of: Melanie Harlow, Corinne Michaels, Meghan March, Lauren Blakely, Julia Kent, Elle Kennedy, Tijan, CD Reiss, Kendall Ryan, Vi Keeland, Penelope Ward, Jana Aston, K Bromberg, Katy Evans, Jessica Hawkins, Kristen Proby, Penny Reid, Helena Hunting, Sally Thorne, Kristen Ashley, Helen Hoang, Kylie Scott, Christina Lauren, Jana Aston, Sawyer Bennett, Lexi Ryan, Karina Halle, Skye Warren, Kennedy Ryan, Jodi Ellen Mapas, Zoe York, Kristan Higgins, Jill Shalvis. Keywords: virgin hero, survivors, cult members, kidnapping, contemporary romance, PTSD, Vermont, coming of age.
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