Craving You

Craving You A Surprise Pregnancy Romance

He's an arrogant chef with a taste for innocence. She can't resist the bad boys. Their cravings are about to get them into trouble ... SOPHIE After I witnessed what my best friend went through, I swore it would never happen to me. But that's when it happens, doesn't it? You get drunk, meet a hot guy with so many tattoos you wonder where the rest are, and sleep with him. Hard. Multiple times in one night. Suddenly, that sworn oath turns into a curse word. I'm pregnant. And I never said the hot guy I met was nice. ASH I'm nobody's fool. I'm rich, I'm hot as hell, and women sleep with me for both. It's not like I mind, since we both get something out of it. One thing they'll never touch, though, is my checkbook. I may have a ton of wealth, but I don't have a lot of trust. Then I meet Sophie. She's spunky. Blonde. Loves whiskey and my tats. Next thing we do, is make it to my bed, and we don't get out of it until I'm sure she's satisfied. I might've done a bit more than that, though. This hot piece just told me she's knocked up with my baby. CRAVING YOU is a steamy, slow burn, surprise pregnancy romance, and can be read as a standalone.
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Photo of Toni pilato
Toni pilato@tinyytoes
2 stars
Oct 2, 2022
Photo of Silvia Mihaylova
Silvia Mihaylova@silvia_mihaylova
4 stars
Nov 27, 2021